Tayronia is the oldest creation of Kudori, it has his first animation in 2008, its first comic in 90’s, it is about Feke and his mother Moksy who is kind of psychopath, she overreact to all situations, Tayronia is where they live, is a utopia of a town who conserves ancient traditions and culture with a modern influence, all this thanks to an impressive archaeological discover that gives to that people a strong sense of self identity, but any of this changes the personality of any of the characters.

They live only the son and his mother, obviously a dysfunctional and very small family, because of a deal with a Japanese company that is experimenting with last generation technology, a new robotic member joins the family, Mayabot, name that Moksy assigns him. Also on occasion they receive visits from Grandpa Baconso, a man with alcoholic problems and very low intellectual level and no manners.

Yupakan is an animated youtuber, who appeared in 13 august 2016, the first Kudori’s animated character who interact with the viewers, the Kudori’s creator had some ideas for video blogs, so that is why they decide to create Yupakan, He has many design changes, and many avatars.

In a world full of magical and supernatural beings, but divided by different territories live Kory and Taro, despite having apocalyptic tendencies, somehow lead a normal life in that crazy world.


Yoochu is the king of Phasmidaña a kingdom who invade Colopteña, who is in war with another larva nations, the main character is Atipaj, an virtuous war strategy commander under the orders of King Yoochu, he will travel around the world of larva kingdoms and will learn about how the world is distributed, Atipaj who was born in Colopteña start to feel a strong feeling to liberate his nation from Phasmidaña, King Yoochu feeling betrayed by Atipaj decide to destroy Colopteña.


All in this story is inspired in the historical events that happen the 18th century, with a lot of changes and simplified, Atipaj was created as a tribute to Francisco de Miranda.

A world where animals coexist, and ironic situations arise with respect to speciesism, these animations have no voice, decision taken because of not having voice actors, besides giving it an old-fashioned atmosphere that many like.

Kudori es un grupo indie de producción de dibujos animados y videojuegos.

Fundado el 23 de septiembre del 2012.

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