In short, Feke fails to support a study day without falling asleep, obviously Miss Jurasika doesn’t like this at all, so she will take action on the matter.

Yupakan is forced to leave his life as Youtuber, because his village has been invaded by the Watermelon Queen, who turns everyone into watermelon people, Yupakan must rescue his people and defeat the Watermelon Queen.

Ailin, after the mysterious death of her mother, she sees how little by little her father seems to be going crazy, she hopes that the situation will be better, but everything will get more and more strange and incomprehensible for her.

Moksy after consuming too much sugar enters a delirium of hallucinations, and she sees everything in the form of sweets and candies, the big problem is that it happens while she is driving.

Atipaj must gather provisions for his army and next invasion over PhasmidaƱa.

Yupakan in his primitive monkey form, goes in search of a mythical food that gives magic to any food.

Try to reach more than 2000 points if you can.